Welcome, to our little family!!

I'm Tanya

I'm a mum of 2 teenagers, a step mum of a 3rd teenager, my furbaby Fish and a partner to my best friend.

I'm also a full time Emergency nurse and l love anything outdoors and getting creative.

I work constantly behind the scenes, developing, testing and bringing my ideas to life.

I have a passion for providing high quality skincare and home decor products with a focus on a great selection of both all natural and fun products to suit individual goals because lets face it, no one is the same. l aim to produce handmade soaps and skincare products to benefit those with sensitive and problematic skin types.

I started Serenity Skin Au because l was fed up with my family struggling to get their eczema and other skin conditions under control. I was frustrated with hidden ingredients in commercial soap and skin care products. I aim to provide products which suit sensitive skin and those with irritating skin conditions and ensure my ingredients list is transparent.

I have branched out and added on candles and bathroom decor options that can be paired with our skincare products. In a simple one stop shop. I aim to provide vegan and eco-friendly options where l am able.

Welcome to the family!!

Let's work on your skincare goals together and add a little luxury to bath time.

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