Bath Bomb Supscription Box

Bath Bomb Supscription Box

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Here at Serenity we aim to make maintaining a skin care routine as simple as possible for you. So we have developed a subscription box option. Not to mention subscribing gives you an automatic 10% off RRP. when you subscribe.

Get our Artistan Soaps delivered to your door every month, without fail. You have the option to choose between 3 subscription box sizes. This choice is between 1,  and 3 soap bars per months.

SMALL- Bath Bomb Subscription Box Includes:

Two Bath Bombs and One sample size artistan soap bar

RRP $13.32


MEDIUM - Bath Bomb Subscription Box Includes:

Four Bath Bombs and one sample artistan soap bar (1/3 Size of Bar)

RRP $23.32


LARGE - Bath Bomb Subscription Box Includes:

Six Bath Bombs One Whipped Soap Scrub (250ml Tub) OR One Whipped Body Butter (150ml Tub) and Two sample artistan soap bars (1/3 Size of Bar)

RRP $49.58


EXTRA LARGE - Bath Bomb Subscription Box Includes:

Ten Bath Bombs, Three sample artistan soap bars (1/3 Size of Bar)

RRP $59.95


Bath bombs, Sample size artistan bars and Whipped Soap Scrub OR Whipped Body Butter are selected at out discretion. On occasion limited edition products including fragrances, colours and blends will be made available to subscribers only, and will be unavailable to purchase separately.

Subscribing to our monthly box means that you will receive quality handmade products to your door, every month without the hastle. Shipping will begin processing on the 1st of Each Month.


Bath Bombs and Artistan Soaps available in the subscription box will be from our website selection unless otherwise stated to include a limited edition product month. In this event the ingredients list for these products will be available to review on our Social Media Sites. All products will come appropriately labelled.

In the event you require more information of ingredients please contact us via email at or via our socials.