Skin and Hair Care Ingredients Benefits

Benefits of skin care ingredients

Below is a list of ingredients which we here at Serenity skin utilise in our products, the benefits listed are what we have found though significant research from professionals and their experimentation. Keep in mind this list is meant as a guide to assist you in deciding which products are best for you and that they may or may not provide the listed benefits. Here at Serenity we do not claim to treat or cure any medical conditions, we aim to provide you and your family with high quality skin care ingredients with a transparent ingredients list, and ingredient education so that you can decide what is best for you. Keep in mind that every single person is different and so are their skin and hair care requirements. What works for one person may not work for the next. I encourage you to trial and error as to which products are best suited to your specific needs.

Almond oil, Sweet Prunus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil – a nutrient rich oil suitable for all skin types, and is specifically recommended for chapped, dry, itchy or irritated skin. Almond oil is also beneficial to skin and hair care products due to its richness in vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants and magnesium. It is used routinely for it healing and moisturising properties, as it has penetrating, low comedogenicity properties. Benefiting hair care, magnesium in Almond oil is said to reduce breakage, aid in growth and prevent hair loss.

Apricot Kernel Oil Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil – a lightweight oil high in linoleic and oleic acids which is easily absorbed into the skin. This oil is high in vitamin and mineral content, perfect for use with the care of mature, dry, sensitive or inflamed skin.

Argan Oil – Derived from the nuts of Argan Trees. Packed with vitamins E and A this oil provides a silky moisturising feel. This oil is utilised in our hair and beard oils due rich vitamins and antioxidant content and its protective qualities. Argan oil is perfect for dry, brittle, frizzy and course hair types. Moisturises and smooths hair allowing it to become more manageable.

Avocado Oil Persea Americana (Avocado) Oil – this oil had a high percentage of fatty acids making it a rich, luxurious and nourishing oil. This oil is rich in vitamins A, B, D and E. It exhibits penetrating and low comedogenicity qualities making it perfect for body butters and hair care.

Beeswax –

Calendula officinalis – calendula flowers are said to have regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, and is seen as beneficial for soothing and softening the skin. Calendula had been used throughout history as a topical and ingested herbal remedy for skin ailments including wounds, eczema and psoriasis.

Castor Oil Ricinus Communis – utilised for its foaming and lathering properties in soaps, although is also seen to be of benefit to dry ageing skin due to its humectant properties. It contains 90% ricin oleic acid which has been traditionally used to assist in healing various skin conditions.

Cocoa Butter Theobroma Cocoa – has skin softening and moisturising properties. High in Vitamin E and antioxidants provides a conditioning and moisturising quality to skin and hair care products.

Coconut Oil Cocos Nucifera – contains high amounts of fatty acids which are said allow the oil to deeply penetrate the skin and hair. It is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals which are all beneficial to all skin types. In hair care products coconut oil is best used for all hair types, particularly dry, damaged and dull hair. It is said to repair brittle hair and split ends.

Grapeseed Oil Vitis Vinifera – a polyunsaturated oil which is rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, high in omega 6, Vitamin E and antioxidants. This light penetrating oil is perfect for all skin and hair types providing a rich silky lustre and is said to enhance hair growth. Ideal for dull brittle hair which is prone to greasiness and dandruff. This oil is said to fight dandruff and reduces scalp dermatitis and inflammation.


Jojoba Simmondsia Chinensis­ – sharing characteristic with Sebum an oil which naturally occurs on our bodies, this oil is ideal for use with all skin and hair types. In skin care products Jojoba oil is said to repair the top layer of skin. This oil is said to penetrate deeply into the hair follicle and shaft, providing moisturising from the inside out. Jojoba oil has antibacterial properties which are beneficial in fighting acne and breakouts.

Mango Butter Mangifera Indica – high in vitamin A, C and antioxidants this butter exhibits rich moisturising properties. It provides a luxurious feel to skin and hair care products and is an excellent ingredient in lotion bars due to its ability to melt on contact with the skin, allowing it to be easily absorbed. Mango butter I suitable for all skin types.

Olive Oil Olea europaea – high in antioxidants including Vitamin E, this oil provides fantastic moisturising properties and a creamy lather when used in soaps.

Rice Bran Oil Oryza Sativa – rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, has reasonable amounts of linoleic and oleic acid providing conditioning and moisturising properties in both skin and hair care. When utilised is soap it provides a silky lather.

Shae Butter Butyrospermum Parkii – high in vitamins A and E, fatty acids and minerals, Shae butter is a perfect additions to skin care products. It gives a silky feeling when utilised is soaps and has good moisturising properties meaning it may assist in treating dry skin conditions. Shae butter melts on contact with skin therefore makes it a perfect additions to body butters and lotion bars.

Sunflower Oil Helianthus Annuus (sunflower) seed oil – rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it provides a conditioning lather on skin when used in soaps. It has been found to not irritate the skin or exacerbate acne. Suitable for all skin types.

Lavender Essential Oil – utilised for sleep and relaxation, it also has antibacterial properties which are said to reduce redness and balance moisture levels.

Sandalwood Essential Oil – contains compounds known for reducing inflammation which promoting moisture in the skin

Clary Sage Essential Oil – contains compounds known to control excess sebum a natural oil on our bodies, is said to help control acne and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on mature skin

Rosemary Essential Oil – known for its anti-inflammatory properties it is also said to have analgesic and stimulating properties.

Geranium Essential Oil – has alkaline properties and is said to help balance out skin oils.

Neroli Essential Oil – contains citral and is said to help balance out and control sebum without drying skin.

Lemon Essential Oil – derived from citrus peel is said to assist in fighting inflammation and free radicals which contribute to ageing and acne.

Lemongrass Essential Oil – has natural astringent properties and is said to help fight pimples by acting as can antimicrobial and removing excess dead skin cells.

Cinnamon Essential Oil – is considered a powerful anti-inflammatory due to its antioxidant compounds, it is said to be beneficial in inflammatory acne.

Tea Tree Essential Oil – is known as one of the strongest natural antiseptics, it is said to help fight bacteria and inflammation.

Peppermint Essential Oil – a natural cooling oil due to its menthol content, is believed to provide analgesia effects on the skin, and also cool down rashes. Peppermint essential oil is also known to be used as a treatment in headaches.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – is believed to have analgesic propertied and provide moisture to itchy and painful skin rashes.

Patchouli Essential Oil – is known for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. It is believed to be beneficial in treating eczema breakouts.

Pomegranate Essential Oil – has antioxidant properties and is believed to be a natural anti-inflammatory which can promote healthier, more even skin.

Tangerine Essential Oil – is high in antioxidants and is believed to be beneficial to promoting smoother, more toned skin.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – known for its ability to create balance, it is said to be beneficial in treating skin pigmentation according to studies.

Rose Essential Oil – contains antioxidants like vitamins A and C, it is believed to assist in promoting skin cell turnover, and slowing down aging.

Myrrh Essential Oil – an antioxidant rich oil utilised by Egyptian women or its anti-ageing properties.

Red Clay – a natural mineral high in concentration of iron oxide, trace elements and is said to stimulate microcirculation on the blood vessels. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive, irritated skin prone to redness. Is said to revive and brighten complexion, reduce redness and soothe irritations, mattifies complexion absorbs excess sebum from both skin and hair and restore shine, body and silkiness to the hair.

White Clay – is said to soothe, heal and revitalise. It is rich in mineral salts which aid in repair of skin and hair it is said to be the gentlest type of clay. Is suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive, dry or mature skin. It is said to restore radiance to dry, fragile hair. It contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties believe to assist in skin healing, it is also believed to soften and purify the skin and hydrate hair.

Pink Clay – is said to regenerate and soothe while providing an instant glowing complexion. Pink clay is believed to cleanse the skin deeply with no irritation and is perfect for dry, sensitive or reactive skin and sensitive scalps. It is said to restore skin radiance, soften and hydrate the skin, treat skin damage, eliminate redness and revitalise the scalp.

Blue Clay – is said to hydrate and oxygenate. It is a rare type of clay and is seen as a significant antipollution all. It is known for its gentleness and invigorating properties with both skin and hair. It is suitable for everyone and believed to be particularly effective for oily or mature skin and for dry or coloured hair. Blue clay is believed to remove impurities, oxygenate and restore radiance and brightness to the skin whilst nourishing and protecting the hair.

Green Clay – is said to purify and detoxify. It contains volcanic rock and minerals which aid in its absorbent qualities and allow it to remove toxins from the skin. Green clay is said to be a remedy for oily, shiny and dull hair and is perfect or people with oily, combination or acne prone skin. It is believed to remove dirt from the scalp effectively and absorb excess sebum. Green clay is believed to regulate sebum production, fight acne, mattify the skin, reduce the appearance of blackheads and tighten pores, help heal skin and fight dandruff whilst purifying and balancing the scalp.


Here at Serenity we DO NOT test on animals, we test our products and ingredients on ourselves and other willing humans.