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Body Butter

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Customer Reviews

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Leeann Horn
Whipped Body Butter

I love this product. I'll admit when I first opened the lid I was thinking this is not the smooth butter I ordered. Well I was wrong, as soon as I rubbed it through my fingers it softened and melted into my skin just like butter.

Meryll Dayao
Fixed my dry hands

Working in the hospital means we are always washing our hands and leaves it dry, even more so in winter. I keep my whipped body butter in my work bag and as soon as I finish my shift I use it in my hands and arms. It has helped with the drying and leaves my skin feeling soft. Would highly recommend! Thanks Serenity Skin AU

John hall
More than one use!!

I tried this for my skin due to eczema but didnt need it as the soaps works a treat. Found this super useful as a hair balm and beard balm. Keeps the hair in place and neat ! This works way better than some specialised treatments! And you dont need to use much at all! Review Medals